Thank God – at least someone is impersonating Muslims in Pakistan??!!

Pakistan clerics persecute ‘non Muslims’Isambard Wilkinson (London Daily Telegraph)The two million-strong Ahmadiyya community, based in Rabwah in the Punjab, risks charges of “impersonating Muslims” under the country’s controversial religious laws. 

Shameen Ahmad Khalid, a community leader, said: “We have people serving long jail sentences for blasphemy or for ‘posing as Muslims’.”

In an era where one would be hard-pressed to find Islam being practiced in its essence, it should be a cause for celebration that someone is attempting to practice and promote the essential teachings of Islam!!The last few episodes to have occurred in Pakistan amply display a lack of Islam across many sections of the country, from the councils of religious leaders and religious heads of political parties, all the way down to individuals who perpetrate self-destructing riots and looting.

This is not at all to say that there are no muslims left in Pakistan today – rather, there are many pious and righteous muslims in Pakistan, unfortunately for everyone however, such exemplars are neither in power politically, and nor do they hold any influence or sway within the pseudo-Religious parties.

Indeed, there are many Muslims who are against such labelling of Ahmadis, and would like to see basic human rights of conscience and religious freedom for Ahmadis, and there are some who at least highlight the absurdity of such propositions, as exemplified by the blog of ‘proggiemuslima’. 

However, interestingly, the situation in Pakistan today, and the fact that members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at have been prevented from holding any high offices and government posts can be compared to the era when an Ahmadi happened to hold the office of the first foreign minister of Pakistan (Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan) – and due to whose selfless service, incidentally, Pakistan was heralded by the Muslim lands as the saviour of the Muslims and Islam!!An example of this can be seen here.