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We all know that January is the first month of the Year – this may be true for the Christians and for all who follow the Gregorian calendar.  Muslims, on the other hand, recognize and use the Gregorian calendar dated from the year, according to some Christians, of the birth of Sayyiduna ‘Isa (as), but do not recognize its validity for any purpose.   Muslims, and others who follow their own calendars use it to avoid any confusion and to remain somewhat ‘convenient’.

It is highly important that Muslims do not forget altogether that we have our very own and very distinct Islamic Calendar based on the lunar cycle – as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is based on the Solar calendar.  There are many reasons why we should not forget the importance of the Islamic Calendar.  For example, many of the faraa-id (obligations) are tied to the Islamic months – if we do not track the months, therefore, we will not complete these obligations. And our practice of Islam will be under threat.  It is this, with which we measure the Islamic months and our obligations that are derived with certain times throughout the year.

Another example of the importance of the Islamic months comes in the form of the 5th and sanctimonious month of dhu-al-Hajj, which all Muslims recognize as the month in which muslims perform the holy pilgrimage to the House of Allah.   Hajj cannot be performed in any other month.

Similarly, the obligation of the fasts of Ramadan are tied with sighting the waxing crescent of the moon of the month of Sha’ban and the new crescent of the month of Ramadan.  If we miss either, then our Ramadan will be incomplete.  More relevant for our purposes now, is the fact that this month, the month of Rabīʿ al-Awwal, is the month that was written in history as the month of the birth of the Mercy, the Holy Prophet, the Chosen One, that Great Messenger, Muḥammad ibn Abdullāh, al-Muṣṭafā, ṣalla-Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam…

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Kirklees’ Muslim Community needs to reassess its leadership…

In Huddersfield the Kirklees’ Muslim Action Committee, claiming to represent 15,000 Muslims, is deeply upset at a Muslim group that held an Exhibition on the Holy Qur’ān (see Newspaper report HERE).

Surprisingly, the spokesman of the Action Committee, Mr. Amar Usman Ali, is reported to have said:

“We believe that it is time the Muslims of Huddersfield did not allow a local group to use our name to hold any future exhibitions, and have been hurt and deeply upset over the lack of consultation with the Muslim community prior to holding this event.”

The Qur’ān Exhibition held in Huddersfield Town Hall was attendede by the Mayor of Kirklees and a Member of Parliament.  Notably, Mr. Ali’s statement seems highly irrelevant and shows an immense lack of maturity… Read the rest of this entry »

The Times has reported on its popular ‘faith’ pages that the Rev Charlie Cleverley, Rector of St. Aldate’s (Oxford) has opposed plans for the Central Mosque in Oxford to be allowed to relay the ‘Adhaan‘ (Islamic call to prayer) from it’s tannoys. 

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Personally, I don’t think the debate has anything to do with ‘islamization’ of certain parts of the country, and neither do high-tech advancements sufficiently replace tradition – if this is argued, then the Clock tower bell at westmeinster and every other working church should also stop as we all have watches!!

The Adhaan (call to prayer) is a traditional method of reminding people of their religious and spiritual obligations – akin to a church or temple bell – that is used to remind worshippers that they should forsake worldly desires and seek pleasure in their Lord, and that this is a way to bind the community together.

Just think- the more muslims meet up, the more the Imam can keep an eye on those who are straying and can counter that with timely, grass-roots reform.  Thus it will make the Islamic Community much stronger internally, and thus represent less of a ‘risk’ to fellow non-muslim brethren.

As a Muslim, although church bells don’t choke me, I have a tolerance and respect for them, as I do for the Adhaan: both call people to God!  But the Adhaan holds a certain significance for it is a call to prayer made by the human voice, as opposed to by instruments.

 But maybe, the reverend is more worried here about his sheep flocking to other farms(??)  surely, a religious society, whatever religion they may choose to adopt, is better than an irreligious one – secularist arguments aside, that a revealed religion provides its adherents with a codified set of rules and regulations and inherently confers upon its adherents a primitive moral spirit-level to assist in prevention of the propensity to do the immoral or the unethical, is worth calling to…!!

“Let the bells Ring!!” – I say!  (or in the case of the adhaan: “Let the man Sing!!”)